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DAN SHULMAN-MEANS is an Emmy-nominated editor residing in Los Angeles. After finishing his MFA from the University of Southern California, Dan immediately cut his teeth working as the assistant editor on the Paul Schrader independent film, "The Canyons." Afterwards, Dan honed his talent working as a commercial editor for Stun Creative as well as editing non-scripted action-driven shows such as "Game of Arms" and "Airplane Repo" for AMC and Discovery. Dan has worked on several prestige sports documentaries such as "Shut Up and Dribble" and "STAND," both for Showtime; the former was nominated for "Outstanding Editing, Long-Form" at the 2019 Sports Emmys, the latter nominated for "Outstanding Long-Form Documentary" (Sports Emmys 2024). During the height of COVID-19 lockdown in 2020, Dan was part of a small team to travel to Abu Dhabi to cover the epic "Fight Island" event for UFC. Most recently, Dan has edited several investigative documentaries, such as a "Jussie Smollett: Anatomy of a Hoax", and an episode of "The New York Times Presents."

Selected Editorial Credits:

Editor. "Unraveling George." Documentary feature on Basketball Hall of Fame Coach George Raveling, slated 2025.

Lead Editor. "Menendez: Victims or Villains." Documentary mini-series unpacking the media and political narratives surrounding the 1990s Menendez brothers trials. Fox Nation, 2024. (watch)

Editor. "The New York Times Presents: How to Fix a Pageant." Documentary film covering recent Miss USA scandals. FX, 2023. (link)

Editor. "Soul Power: The Rise & Fall of the ABA." Documentary mini-series about the American Basketball Association. Amazon, slated 2024.

Editor. "Iceman: A George Gervin Story." Documentary feature about NBA legend George 'Iceman' Gervin. NBA-TV, 2024.

Editor. "STAND." Documentary feature about the life and controversial career of NBA star Mahmoud Abdul-Rauf. Showtime, 2023. (clip)
*Nominated "Outstanding Long-Form Documentary," 2024 Sports Emmys

Lead Editor. "Jussie Smollett: Anatomy of a Hoax." Documentary mini-series covering the actor's scandal. Fox Nation, 2023. (watch)

Editor. "Alicia Keys: Noted." Documentary series covering the making of her latest album. Youtube Originals, 2021. (watch)

Editor. "Meaning in Madness: Mackenzie." Documentary short film exposes the building pressures in the life of a teenager. Straight-Up Films, 2021. (clip)

Additional Editor. "The Comedy Store." Documentary mini-series about the history of a famed comedy institution. Showtime, 2018.

Editor. "Fight Island: Declassified." Documentary mini-series covering the fight series in Abu Dhabi during the COVID-19 pandemic. ESPN+, 2020.

Editor. "Dana White's Looking Forward to a Fight." Docu-series, UFC Youtube Channel, 2020.

Editor. "The Making of Fight Island." Docu-series, UFC Youtube Channel, 2020. (watch)

Editor. "Shaq Life." Docu-series following Shaquille O'Neal, narrated by Samuel L. Jackson. TNT, 2020. (watch)

Editor. "Moon Landing: The Lost Tapes." Documentary feature retelling the Apollo 11 mission. A+E Originals / History Channel, 2019. (clip)

Lead Editor. "Shut Up and Dribble." Documentary mini-series covering the history of athlete activists in the NBA. Showtime, 2018. (clip)
*Nominated "Outstanding Editing - Long-Form," 2019 Sports Emmys

Editor. "Home + Away." Feature documentary about teens living in a border town in Texas. Tribeca Films, 2018. (clip)
*World Premiere Tribeca Film Festival 2018

Editor. "Escape the Prank." Game show pilot produced by Nickelodeon, 2018.

Editor. "Kat." Scripted comedy web series, Amazon, 2017.

Editor. "Punchline." Game show pilot for Fox produced by Dish Network, 2016.

Editor. "Holiday with the Parkers." TV spots for "The Detour", TBS, 2016.

Editor. "Peaking: Red Bull Knockout." Documentary short, Red Bull TV , 2016.

Editor. "The Vikings' Shocking Euro Run." Documentary short, Vice Sports, 2016.

Editor. "Hashtaggers, Season 1." Scripted comedy web series, E! Online, 2016.

Editor. "Critic's Choice Awards: Down the Rail." TV Spot, A&E. 2016.

Editor. "Women of Wrestling, Season 2." Web series, WOWE.com, 2015.

Editor. "Extra Dead." Original web short promoting "Deadpool", produced by 20th Century Fox. 2015.

Editor. "2 Blart 2 Furious." Original web short promoting "Paul Blart: Mall Cop 2", produced by Columbia Pictures. 2015.

Editor. "Los Cowboys, Season 1." Reality series, Hulu, 2014.

Editor. "Undrafted, Season 1." Docu-series, NFL Network, 2014.

Editor. "Airplane Repo, Season 3." Docu-series, Discovery, 2014.

Editor. "Game of Arms, Season 1." Docu-series, AMC, 2014.

Editor. "Mariah." Narrative feature film directed by Nadia Szold, 2014.

Editor. "Dispatches from Goddamn Space." Scripted comedy web series, Cracked.com, 2013.

Editor. "Today's Topics." Comedy web series, Cracked.com, 2013.

1st assistant editor. "The Canyons." Narrative feature film directed by Paul Schrader, 2013.

Editor. "The Canyons Grindhouse Teaser." Viral web teaser made in collaboration with director Paul Schrader, over one million views, 2012. (watch)

Editor. "Eric Finley: Comment Counselor." Comedy web series produced by Thrash Lab (Ashton Kutcher), 2012.